About Us

about us

NFL Alumni Media is more than just unique podcasts; it is a platform that houses Audio, Video, Terrestrial and Social Media Content created and hosted by NFL Alumni.

The content lives under the umbrella of the iconic NFL Alumni ventures brand, the centerpiece for Alumni content and business. The Brand makes it easy for consumers to find and download the content. Show content is centered around Alumni passions and interests. Each Podcast, Soundbite, Clip and other forms of “Snackable” Content, is launched in audio, video, social and terrestrial formats.

Sponsors develop targeted campaigns for an individual show, groups of shows or a national roll out on the entire platform. Each show has an independent and group revenue sharing model. The content is both timely and evergreen which supports long Term recurring and scalable revenue.

“The NFL Alumni brand name and talent pool are as powerful as any in sports. From Story Telling, to Analysis, to Smack talk, and More, our brotherhood has access to an UNLIMITED pool of content. We are working together as a team to collaborate, share ideas, and use our collective resources to develop the most dynamic shows in sports. We are building our own media network to say what we want to say, on our own terms, without any restrictions." – Gus Frerotte, NFLAV Podcast General Manager and 15 Year NFL Quarterback
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  • A Sports Mentality Hosted by Karl Mecklenberg
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