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In every facet of his life, Mark Pattison scales personal and professional summits. Mark is a former NFL Player, philanthropist, podcaster and successful entrepreneur & currently an executive at Sports Illustrated and now has climbed all Seven Summits having completed this feat by scaling the death-defying Mt. Everest in the spring of 2021. Mark dedicated his climb to his daughter Emilia who is overcoming her own Everest by defeating epilepsy. Mark has raised over $60,000 with generous donations from many individuals, the NFL and Las Vegas Raiders. All proceeds go to Higher Ground.

Mark’s podcast, Finding Your Summit has over 200,000 downloads after 250 episodes which provides powerful conversations with celebrities, sports legends and others about overcoming their adversity and finding their way.

Mark is a father and caring human being who continually looks for opportunities to give back to others and now organizing a Seven Summit/Summit in Sun Valley, Idaho June 2-5th in 2022. He helps people get off the sidelines and back into the lane of life by unleashing their potential & realizing what they are capable of in their lives.

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