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about the show

Lawrence “LT” Taylor is best known for playing 12 seasons in the NFL as an outside linebacker for the New York Giants.  From 1981–1993,  he was a force to be reckoned with as he dominated offenses and terrorized quarterbacks.

Ottis “OJ” Anderson  played in the NFL for 14 seasons as a running back with the St. Louis Cardinals and  the New York Giants. Ottis was a Super Bowl MVP and won two World Championship titles, Super Bowl XXI and Super Bowl XXV, with his former teammate and cohost, LT.

LT and Ottis have no problem saying it like it is. Unfiltered. Listeners will get a look into how LT and Ottis view the world and it’s a media experience unlike any other. You never know where their conversations may lead and the show will always leave you wanting more.


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